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As one of the world’s leading enablers of sustainable transportation, ABB equips the marine industry with electric, digital and connected solutions that maximize the full potential of vessels and ultimately enable a safe, efficient and sustainable shipping.

Master complexity – steps to autonomy

In November 2018, Finnish passenger ferry Suomenlinna II departed from the Market Square pier in Helsinki, cruising smoothly and steadily along a carefully planned course. Anyone glancing at the Suomenlinna II from a distance would not have noticed anything unusual. But in fact, the ferry was making history. The captain piloted the vessel not from his usual place on the bridge but from a control room set up on shore, deploying the ABB AbilityTM Marine Pilot Control intelligent maneuvering and control system.

This remote control trial – world’s first for an existing passenger ferry – gained international attention proving that human oversight of vessels from anywhere is achievable with today’s technologies.

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